1. Dandelion-Detroit
  2. Dearborn Public Schools
  3. Chez Zara-Detroit
  4. YMCA-Atlanta
  5. Wes Financial Auto
  6. City of Atlanta
  7. Kwanza Hall Council District 2-Atlanta  
  8. Greenland Inc-Atlanta
  9. Make a Wish Foundation
  10. Horatio Williams Foundation-Detroit
  11. MLK foundation-Atlanta
  12. Doc Waffles
  13. Crazy's Pizza  
  14. Henry Ford Hospital
  15. Falafill-Detroit
  16. Great Lakes Coffee-Detroit
  17. Pathfinder-Chicago











Still adding them... 





I often try to reveal beauty in unexpected places and engage the play of irony. I like a little disorder and accident—it reveals the nature of things and persons and so returns photography to an honest medium (as Edward Weston said it should be).

Too much of what is presented as beautiful is too purposeful and ordered, and so becomes sterile and empties the objects of meaning. 

A camera should help the world to breathe.

- maya fardoun