His eyes glow as there is a layer of glaze in them, or maybe every time he sees me his eyes water *smiles*.

His dog is *Spike* because he would not answer to *pixel*.

He has amazing taste in everything, he cooks, and he gathers the best hangouts at his pool cabana.

He smell of citrus always.

He is generous.

Owner of one of the most beautiful laughs i have heard.

He has the most organized laptop ipad iphone *smiles*.

High-tech aficionado!

Because of him i have this foto blog!

TM is the abbreviation of his name. And he truly is a Trade Mark.

check this:

michael angelo caruso

Michael Angelo Caruso

Michael Caruso is an amazing motivational speaker. Its fascinating what a few words of advice can do for a ones life, and work.

Like i said before, he is witty, funny and a great dancer.

Visit him at: